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This is a very high recommendation for Lori Thayer, an interdimensional healer because I have had several successful healing sessions with her. Lori is immensely intuitive, gentle in her approach, and a guiding spirit to bring light into areas to reveal what is at the root of suffering. She was able to energetically extract a blockage in my throat chakra, and now I’m producing & singing songs. If you have a dream and something is blocking you, perhaps Lori can benefit you too. Many blessings,

Cali T. Rossen

I was introduced to Lori through a mutual friend and instantly recognized her powerful gifts of compassion and healing. I’d been curious about hypnosis for some time before booking my session with Lori. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited to experience my hypnosis session. I was and am completely blown away! It was truly magical. Lori guided me through a completely life changing experience. As I lay on her sofa with my eyes closed the vivid visions, thoughts and emotions rushed through my mind faster than I could form the words to express them. Lori brilliantly helped me focus and understand the past lives I was witnessing as well as the messages from my spirit guides and the universe. In just one session we managed to cover a vast array of issues that I have let block my path in this lifetime and create methods to overcome the obstacles. My session with Lori helped me to release mental and emotional blocks, removing the veil and shedding light on truth. I’ve battled with my body image and health throughout this entire life and Lori helped me to understand the reasons why while gathering guidance from my higher self to change my habits and improve my well being. I cannot wait to experience future sessions with Lori and experience the alternative lives my soul has lived that can help me understand myself and my path. Book your hypnosis session as soon as possible, your soul has so much to share with you!

Michael Taylor, Monmouth, Maine

Lori is a true healer and a gift! I have had energy sessions with people around the globe but Lori has a unique connection with the spirit world. Her open heartedness, gentle soft voice and clear crystal energy uplift the body, mind and spirit. Her sessions go deep to the core of my soul and provide instant access to pure light. I highly recommend her sessions.

Melissa Boyd, Kennebunk, Maine

My session with Lori was a wonderful and very in-depth experience that consisted of two parts. During the Reiki interlude I felt as balanced and relaxed as I have in a long while and had some unexpected and powerful visualizations. Afterwards, she relayed very detailed shamanistic information that came through to her during the session, all of which was very valuable. She is warm, caring, very thorough and experienced with her work. An afternoon with Lori is time very well spent!

Gene F., Southern Maine

Lori is a very professional and gifted healer. I find Lori highly intuitive with a powerful healing energy and her readings are spot on.

Maureen Darling, Transformational Coach, Yarmouth, ME

I had an amazing Reiki session with Lori. Not only did I feel cleared & renewed, but Lori also takes the time to sit with you after & tell you what she discovers is blocked or needs to be worked on & what foods or colors you should wear. Also a written assessment goes home with you. She also tells you what guides might have shown up during your session or past lives you may have had. I have had several sessions with Lori & each time is amazing! A true Healer!

Crystal R., Old Orchard, Maine

Reiki healing was on my ‘to do” list Saturday, March 5th, one of several items. The experience left me so thoroughly relaxed and energy drained that I was unable to complete the rest of my list. I was forced to ‘just be’ for the rest of the weekend. My experience was as Lori describes in her brochure and what she carefully explained before the session. Handwritten notes from Lori about my experience exceeded my expectation. These are so helpful and I’ve referred to them several times. Lori was available by email afterward when I asked if my reaction was expected. I moved from this state to one of being rejuvenated and excited about possibilities. Time with Lori was an excellent way to welcome our early Maine spring and center myself for new growth. I highly recommend a session.

Betsy Lane, Yarmouth, Maine

I am so grateful that I had a chance to receive one of Lori’s Reiki and spiritual reading sessions. I have had much body work over the years as far as massage, acupuncture, etc, but never a Reiki session. I had a recent back strain and have had some sinus allergy discomfort lately. Lori saw me in Massachusetts so she was not at her office with her usual set up. Lori was all that mattered!

I was amazed at the heat radiating from Lori’s hands. Remarkable! The session was very relaxing and I felt some lifting of my discomfort. What was an added bonus was that Lori had spiritual information to share with me afterward and instructions on how I could keep the healing and clearing process going. I have been doing so with positive results. I highly recommend Lori – you will thank yourself many times over.

Linda K. Hopkinton, MA

My first session with Lori was an unexpected gift. Her reiki helped me find more peace and balance within myself, while her shamanic insights invigorated my pursuit of several long-term goals. After the one session I feel energized, and my mind, body, and spirit feel more in tune with the beauty of the universe and my purpose within it.

Greg H. Cape Elizabeth, ME

I was blown away by my session with Lori. It was beyond “just Reiki”. It was a deep, powerful connection to the divine. Her ability to tap into her guides, as well as the guides of her clients, is powerfully healing. I left our session feeling transformed, healed, and filled with the most amazingly delicious energy. I highly recommend Lori’s services to any who are looking to shift their energy to a higher vibrational state, to tap into one’s spirit guides, and to help heal from past traumas. Lori is an irreplaceable gift in this world!

Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph.D

Meeting Lori was truly a blessing. I met her with a group of healers and was immediately drawn to her gentle unassuming manner. I had previously been made aware of a situation that I found uncomfortable because of the terms surrounding it. She immediately reframed it in terms that resonated with me. The energy healing session was wonderful. She addressed the issue we had discussed and several others that I hadn’t mentioned. Her insights brought both clarity and focus for future personal work. I have noticed that since our work many doors to greater understanding are now available to me. I have a much deeper understanding of the work I am attempting to create and many insights into how to do it. Lori is truly a gifted and genuine healer.

Rose Dykstra