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Moon-blessed Body Balm


All Organic
4 Ounces

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4 ounce jar

All Organic Ingredients:
Coconut oil, shea butter, flaxseed oil, and essential oils of frankincense, myrrh and lavender.

All stirred under the full or new moon.

As an energy healer and shamanic practitioner, I have witnessed the power of intention and its profound ability to influence outcomes. This is why I have crafted a nourishing balm made with organic ingredients stirred under the moon. Each batch is invoked with incantations of healing and blessed with New Moon energy for starting anew, or Full Moon energy for letting go.

Note: The moon phase and date of preparation along with a list of ingredients can be found on the outside of each 4 oz. jar.

Allow the balm to soften at room temperature (as consistency will vary with temperature). Rub lovingly on any part of your body. Take a moment to focus on your own intentions of renewal or release. Speak them out loud if you feel so inclined. (Remember, your body is listening!) Close your eyes and relax into a meditative moment as your body soaks in the blessings of the moon. Relish and enjoy for your highest good.

In Spirit,

Lori Thayer
Interdimensional Energy Healer

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