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Medical Intuitive Healing


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Lori has mentored with Debrah Goetz, a well-known medical intuitive, and combines her long-time developed skills in energy healing with some of Debrah’s unique techniques in assessment and healing. Prior to a session, Lori asks her guides to connect with the guides of her client in order to offer a healing session for the client’s highest good. During the session, Lori conducts an energetic body scan to pinpoint imbalances that may be occurring in the client’s energy body and manifesting as physical challenges. Such imbalances ultimately have an emotional root whereby the dissonance has settled into the client’s cellular make-up, and may be a result of childhood traumas, past life experiences, conditions passed down through ancestral lineage, emotional discord, or lifestyle. Lori works with the client, both energetically and through discussion, to help the client clear, rebalance, and connect with their innate ability to heal.

Please note that Lori is not a medical practitioner and a session with her does not replace medical treatment or advice. Clients should continue to work with their health care provider as recommended.

50 Minute Session: $100
3 Session Package: $250

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50 Minute Session, 3 Session Package