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Interdimensional Energy Healing




Interdimensional Energy Healing sessions combine touch therapy of reiki healing with shamanic journeying and energy realignment. Clients enjoy a state of relaxation as the practitioner offers energy balancing of the chakra system (energetic vortices in the body that affect the organs, endocrine, and hormonal functioning) applied through hands-on light touch therapy or hands above the body movement. Clients are fully clothed while resting on a massage table. During the healing session, the practitioner also enters into a shamanic journey to ask for beneficial messages and information that will be helpful to the client. Offered information often relates to health, relationships, work, past lives, spirit guides, or close relations that have crossed over. The practitioner spends the latter part of the session reviewing a written summary of the messages received and discussing the deeper meanings with the client. Sessions run approximately 2 hours.
Remote sessions are also offered.

2 Hour Session: $150