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Lori Thayer, Ph.D.

Lori Thayer, Ph.D. began studying reiki and energy healing in the mid-1990s, followed by trainings in shamanic healing, spiritual counseling, metaphysics, channeling, hypnotherapy, and medical intuition. In 2009, Lori received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst upon completion of her dissertation, entitled “The Adoption of Shamanic Healing into the Biomedical Health Care System in the United States.” In 2014, Lori opened her practice, Stargate Garden Healing Center (www.stargategarden.com), to offer in-person and remote healing sessions that combine her varied skills to support a client’s healing at the soul level.

Like many healers, Lori began her healing journey to address her own life challenges and as well, to explore the deeper meaning of her varied mystical experiences as a child and young adult. Always on the path for deeper healing, Lori experienced numerous methodologies and approaches to self-development through which she was able to hone and sculpt her own particular multidimensional style. Lori continues to study varying techniques, but also has developed the ability to download her own healing tools from her personal guides. Lori’s approach is to refine her healing method to meet the needs of each individual client’s higher self — and support the client’s deepening connection with their true soul being.

About Stargate Garden Healing Center

Stargate Garden is located in Portland, Maine and was coined as a reference to our connection between the cosmos and the earthplane. Supporting a client in this deeper connection supports his or her inner growth and awareness to greater possibilities and personal healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  Healing sessions are not a replacement for medical care, but may support or enhance a person’s physical healing process.  More importantly, hypnosis work and energy healing can support a person’s emotional and spiritual growth.