Stargate Garden
Healing Center

Energetic Therapy, Hypnosis and Medical Intuition

Lori Thayer, Ph.D.

Quantum Energy Healer / Medical Intuitive / Shamanic Healer / Hypnosis Practitioner / Channeler / Spiritual Counselor

Lori Thayer, Ph.D. began studying reiki and energy healing in the mid-1990s, followed by trainings in shamanic healing, spiritual counseling, metaphysics, channeling, hypnotherapy, and medical intuition. In 2009, Lori received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst upon completion of her dissertation, entitled “The Adoption of Shamanic Healing into the Biomedical Health Care System in the United States.”  In 2014, Lori opened her practice, Stargate Garden Healing Center, to offer in-person and remote healing sessions that combine her varied skills to support a client’s healing at the soul level.

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If you’re ready to go more deeply within, heal the past, find your purpose, and move forward with your gifts, these sessions may be for you.

Meeting Lori was truly a blessing. I met her with a group of healers and was immediately drawn to her gentle unassuming manner. I had previously been made aware of a situation that I found uncomfortable because of the terms surrounding it. She immediately reframed it in terms that resonated with me. The energy healing session was wonderful. She addressed the issue we had discussed and several others that I hadn't mentioned. Her insights brought both clarity and focus for future personal work. I have noticed that since our work many doors to greater understanding are now available to me. I have a much deeper understanding of the work I am attempting to create and many insights into how to do it. Lori is truly a gifted and genuine healer.

Rose Dykstra

My first session with Lori was an unexpected gift. Her reiki helped me find more peace and balance within myself, while her shamanic insights invigorated my pursuit of several long-term goals. After the one session I feel energized, and my mind, body, and spirit feel more in tune with the beauty of the universe and my purpose within it. Greg H. Cape Elizabeth, ME

Greg H.

Lori is a true healer and a gift! I have had energy sessions with people around the globe but Lori has a unique connection with the spirit world. Her open heartedness, gentle soft voice and clear crystal energy uplift the body, mind and spirit. Her sessions go deep to the core of my soul and provide instant access to pure light. I highly recommend her sessions. Melissa Boyd, Kennebunk, Maine

Melissa Boyd

This is a very high recommendation for Lori Thayer, an interdimensional healer because I have had several successful healing sessions with her. Lori is immensely intuitive, gentle in her approach, and a guiding spirit to bring light into areas to reveal what is at the root of suffering. She was able to energetically extract a blockage in my throat chakra, and now I’m producing & singing songs. If you have a dream and something is blocking you, perhaps Lori can benefit you too. Many blessings, Cali T. Rossen

Cali T. Rossen